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Photo of empty table with artwork on wall behind it.

Photo of chef slicing side of beef

crispy calasparra rice on plate with half glass of wine

Photo of appetizer on single serving plate

mussels escabeche on plate

Skirt steak and vegetables on cutting board with knife

Papa fritas with bottle of hot sauce in background

Half eaten papa fritas with form on plate and half glass of beer

Table filled wtih Tapas plates of food

ensalada de aguacate meal served on plate

Photo of bar with empty stools and artwork on wall behind

bandarillas y vermouth

spanish breakfast

Plate of calamari

boda de anchoas

bunuelos on cutting board with bowl of sauce

Empty bar area with plates and glasses set

Our Hours

Mon-Sat: 5 to 11pm. Sunday: 5 to 10pm
Our Location

105 South 13th Street, Philadelphia PA
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